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What is the Texas Gulf Coast
Bull Terrier Club?

Our organization is made up of a group of very diversified people, all sizes, shapes and flavors, just like our dogs. We are country, we are city, we are red beans and rice, and we are chateaubriand. The glue that solidifies us is our tenacious and mutual love and respect for these amazing Bull Terriers.

Like life, Bull Terriers will make you happy and break your heart. They will drag you up from the depths and then eat your ostrich skin boots. They are spring loaded and can soar over the couch, until they are older and they need just that little lift up. They can be stone deaf to your commands, until you rattle the cookie jar, from 100 yards.

In our efforts to further the stature of the breed, and because of our own aggressive goals, we drive them hundreds of miles sometimes, to attend a dog show. We provide safe harbor for less fortunate Bullies who need a good meal; a good night's sleep and a worry free environment that lets them relax and return to their former glory. Sometimes, in a last gesture, we take them to heaven.

We are the Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier bunch - rowdy, soft hearted, and beautiful, just like Bull Terriers.

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Galveston, Texas
October 14-19, 2015

On October 14-19, 2015 the Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Club will host
Silverwood 2015! 

This will commemorate forty-six years of premier Bull Terrier Trophy competition in North America, where the Silverwood Trophy is presented to the best American bred Bull Terrier. It was the intent of the Bull Terrier Club of America, when Silverwood was conceived, that the Silverwood Trophy competition be truly national and even continental in scope. The fact that Silverwood has thrived to its present prestige proves that despite the distances between show locations, the dogs and exhibitors do come and truly the best bull terriers are represented.

 The Silverwood Competition is not the only reason that this event is attend annually by people from all over the United States, the United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and Japan, to name a few places. This event provides educational opportunities, showcases performance events, and most importantly, raises much needed funds for national and local Bull Terrier rescue organizations. We hope you will visit our Silverwood 2015 website at for all the information on this event.  We look forward to seeing you in Galveston in October!