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Please see the following list of TGCBTC Breeders or visit the Bull Terrier Club of America website

at for additional Breeder Referrals.



Candy Aron - Deslynn Bull Terriers -
Russell & Alesia Cooke - Lechmere Bull Terriers  - - AKC Breeder of Merit
Diane Foote - Deslynn Bull Terriers -
Mary Holsen - Valkyrie Bull Terriers -
Linda Jones Ledesma -  Linric Bull Terriers - -  AKC Breeder of Merit
Edgardo Llanas -  The One and Only Bull Terriers -

Sonny & Margaret Saldivar - Texican Bull Terriers -

Glenna & Tom Wright, DVM - Glentom Bull Terriers - - AKC Breeder of Merit


The document below was developed by the Bull Terrier Club of America of which the

Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Club is a recognized Regional Club.



You have decided that a Bull Terrier is the dog for you!


Choosing a reputable person from whom to purchase your puppy should be your primary concern. After all, the little bundle of fun and energy will be with you and your family for a decade and hopefully more. Since it is virtually impossible for you, the buyer, to know what any of the puppies in a litter will grow into physically and emotionally; you must rely on the knowledge, integrity and honesty of the person from whom you purchase your pup. The following are questions you can ask that will help you assess the qualifications and dedication of the breeder. Don't be afraid to ask questions. A serious breeder will be willing to patiently answer your questions. 

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