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Thank you for contacting the Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Club for a breeder referral.  Our members are a dedicated group of people whose interest is to further the Bull Terrier Breed.  We hope you have gone to our website and read the information you should know before purchasing a Bull Terrier puppy from any Bull Terrier breeder ( 


Unfortunately, there are health issues with our breed that can be prevented by responsible breeding ….but not all the breeders in our area breed responsibly.  We get reports weekly from people who have purchased Bull Terrier puppies from these less than reputable breeders and then they have no recourse when they try to return the dogs or get their money back. We would also caution you against purchasing from breeders who sell their Bull Terrier puppies on the Internet, as we receive many complaints from people who have bought puppies who were deaf or have less than desirable temperaments from these Internet sites.


Responsible breeders all sell their puppies on a contract that gives you, the purchaser; rights to return the puppy should things not work out. They also guarantee the health of their puppies and they are there to mentor you for the life of your dog should there ever be an issue. You will find that reputable breeders all show their dogs and that is one of the first "red" flags that should notify you if the breeder in question is reputable.


We recommend that you contact breeders who are members of Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Club and the Bull Terrier Club of America, as they are held to a set standard for breeding that includes health testing and a code of ethics.  You can find this list at the following link.  You are also welcome to email us directly to discuss what you are looking for in a Bull Terrier Puppy and to learn which of our local club members currently have or are planning litters.  It is extremely important to those of us who breed to learn about potential new owners and their families before we consider selling a puppy.  Also, many Breeders will have a waiting list of interested parties for their planned litters.  It is important to be patient and communicate your interest in a puppy so they feel comfortable adding you to their list.


In addition, we welcome you to attend our meetings or club events. Many of our members have been

Bull Terrier owners and breeders for 20 plus years. They have a wealth of information that can only come

from experience and they love to talk about their dogs!


We hope that we are able to help you find the right Bull Terrier for your family and we are happy to answer

any additional questions you might have. Also, should you wish to be added to our club's email list so that you

can be advised of our events, please let us know.


Thank you,


Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Club

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